What to Look for in a Consulting Firm

Searching for a consulting company can be a daunting task. In Emergency Management, finding an organization that has the best practices, such as: experience, availability, and responsiveness to a client can be difficult. At Constant and Associates Inc. (C&A), we not only possess all of those qualities, but we can also provide award-winning programs, training, and a high-quality of work.

C&A provides a unique organizational structure designed to meet the changing and evolving needs posed by projects of varying levels of scope and subject matter.  C&A has reach back to a pool of consultants, analysts, and subject matter experts that can be called on to assemble a project-specific team that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual project. Finding a consulting company where they are consistently upgrading their experience and qualifications is another task organizations will find difficult. At C&A, our experts are actively participating in training, current methods and practices, and qualifications that make them some of the best in the industry.


Through execution of projects of varying scope and complexity, we provide a wide-range of experience and lessons learned that can be shared and used to enhance our clients emergency management programs. We provide availability throughout at all times to our clients and respond to their needs with unprecedented speed and willingness. 

We provide services and solutions for projects that involve initiatives from organizations, both public and private. C&A provides services in support of policy analysis, planning, training, and exercises. Don’t let looking for a consulting firm concern you. Choose a company who is highly recognized and fits the criteria laid out in this post. We look forward to working with you.

Please see us next week for our next blog titled: ” California and the Most Recent Earthquake: Plan, Prepare, and Know the Facts About Earthquakes in California.”
-The C&A Team

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