How Prepared is your Organization or Business?

With the arrival of May, C&A welcomes Building Safety Month (BSM). This month focuses on reinforcing the need for individuals, families, and businesses to adopt modern, model building codes. We also recognize that a strong and efficient system of code enforcement alongside a trained professional workforce to maintain the system is vital to public safety.

Last month over 5 million participated in America’s PrepareAthon. People all over the country prepared their families and businesses for floods, fires, hurricanes, and major storms. Here in California, many held drills and exercises in preparation for a major earthquake. The National Day of Action was on April 30th, 2014, which immediately fed into the start of BSM. Preparing families, communities, and businesses in personal preparedness is important and May highlights that the buildings we occupy both as residences and businesses need to be adequately prepared for a major disaster.

The month of May has been broken down into four main themes. The first theme is fire safety. The United States Fire Administration (USFA) states the top five safety topics related to fire associated with home fire deaths are smoke alarms, escape plans, child fire safety, older adult fire safety and careless smoking.



Fortunately, all of these risks can be mitigated when proper building codes are followed and sound safety procedures are practiced on a regular basis.

The second theme is helping homeowners weather the storm in times of crisis. At C&A, we understand the need for families and communities to have disaster plans. Developing a plan to protect your family and your home can make all the difference in a major disaster. In California, we take the initiative in training our children how to react to earthquakes when in elementary school. It is also important that we prepare our homes and places of employment for earthquakes by preparing evacuation routes, strapping water heaters and appliances to wall studs, and having the necessary supplies to endure the aftermath of a major earthquake.

The third theme is surrounding your home or office with safety. This theme focuses on the importance of families to take precautions in their immediate living spaces from daily hazards such as swimming pools, fertilizers, barbeque grills, and gardening tools that pose a threat to children and adults. See the link below for 10 Important Tips for Backyard Safety.

The final theme of BSM is building a brighter, more efficient tomorrow. This theme highlights the importance of energy efficient building materials and supplies that homeowners and businesses can use to create positive changes to both inside and outside environments.  Green homes have been proven to reduce mold, mildew and other allergens that can have negative effects on the health of homeowners and their families.

Please promote these themes and keep preparing throughout the month of May and the many months to come.

-The C&A Team

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