The culture at CONSTANT is an open environment that encourages innovation, dedication and camaraderie. Our progressive thinking and ongoing commitment to the safety and security of our homeland are what separate us from the rest.

Afua Kwarteng, MPA 

Scott MacKay
General Manager & Subject Matter Expert

Janlia Riley
Business Development Specialist / Marketing Manager

Jim Sims, MURP 
Senior Consultant & Subject Matter Expert

Dave Cooper, MS 
Project Manager

Nancy Ta 
Junior Associate

Halla Maher, MSW 
Subject Matter Expert

Kate Powers 
Support Specialist

Kyle Fennessy

Evan Koepke, CEM, PMP
Graduate Intern

Lucky Barbero
Office Administrator

David Mathe, MA, MEP 
Emergency Management

Elaine Jennings, MA 
Homeland Security and Public Safety Subject Matter Expert

Ellis M. Stanley, Sr.
Emergency Management, Homeland Security and Major Event Planning

Keith Harrison, MA 
Emergency Management

Kim Estes, MBA 
Crisis Management/Emergency Response & Communication

Lee Rosenberg, CEM
Emergency Management

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